Tomorrow is Veterans Day and RIVER (the Rural Institute for Veterans Education and Research) is hoping to say thank you to Montana Vets by offering a host of free services and opportunities. RIVER Director of Education Jason Zentgraf explains.

“A lot of free services, Dobi’s Teriyaki a very good Teriyaki bus in town and they will be giving out free meals to any Veteran,” said Zentgraf. “In our building we will a free chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage chair. We will also have legal clinic. There are some veterans that are legal students that want to give back to their brothers and sisters by offering a free clinic.”

RIVER is currently under construction and they soon hope to have a pain research lab complete with equipment to help vets diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury. Tomorrow, PHDs from the University of Montana will be offering free counseling.

“Neuroscientists at the University of Montana’s nuero injury center, what they will be doing on Friday is just counseling,” Zentgraf said. “They will be talking to them like, when were you exposed to a blast, did you go unconscious, did you ever experience a lapse in memory, things like that. They will be offering the counseling for free. Right now they are donating their time, but once we get things up and running we plan on being able to fund them.”

The event is going to be held between one and four tomorrow afternoon at the new RIVER building, which is located behind Famous Dave’s at 2875 Tina Avenue.