The ballots for several school elections in Ravalli County were mailed Wednesday, April 18, to registered voters in those school districts. Not all districts are having elections, according to Ravalli County Election Admiistrator Regina Plettenberg. When there's only one candidate for each open seat on the school board, the election can be cancelled by "acclamation," and the candidates will fill the board openings. That's the case in Corvallis, Darby and Victor, who will not have elections.

The Lone Rock district will not have a school board election, but will have a Stevensville school bond issue on their mail-in ballot. Board elections are being held in Hamilton and Florence-Carlton. Stevensville has board vacancies and two construction bond issues on their ballot. Those electors have until May 8th at 8 p.m. to get their ballot back to the Ravalli County Election Office. Voters can mail them or bring them to the Ravalli County Administration Center on the 200 block of South 4th in Hamilton.

The ballot mailing packet includes the ballot, an instruction page and two envelopes:

  • Mark your votes on the ballot
  • Put the ballot in the green Secrecy envelope
  • Put THAT envelope in the Brown envelope
  • SIGN the brown envelope
  • Stick a stamp on it and send it in.

If you are expecting a ballot have not received it by April 24th, contact the Clerk and Recorders office in Hamilton - 375-6554. All the ballots will be counted May 8th with the results issued that night.

The County Elections Office is already preparing their absentee mailing for the Primary Election in June. And, of course, we have the General Election in November. Find more information on the county's election website.

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