The death of Libertarian Congressional Candidate Mike Fellows has left a lot of confusion both in the Montana Secretary of State’s Office and in the Libertarian Party itself. A group of Libertarians out of Ravalli County claims to have picked a replacement candidate for Mike Fellows.

“The Secretary of State sent me a letter notifying us that we were the only elected Libertarian members of any central committee in the state that they knew of,” said Ravalli County Libertarian Committeeman Dave Merrick. “It would be up to us to replace Mike Fellows us being the senate committee of Ravalli County.”

Merrick went on to say that Rick Breckenridge, a land surveyor from Procter had been picked, not only by the Ravalli County Central Committee, but by Mike Fellows himself.

“Mike Fellows was very ill he had some kidney problems the last couple of weeks,” Merrick said. “He had been on dialysis and we talked about what we would do if anything had happened with him and he said he couldn’t pull out of the race. It was too late, there was some July deadline. He said it was too late and they he would have to die first... and I'm still regretting to hear him say that... for anything to happen and for us to come up with a candidate. So we did discuss candidates and my name came up. He thought that I would be a good candidate and he also brought up Dan Cox’s name and also [Rick] Breckenridge."

KGVO News reached out to other leaders in the Libertarian Party who say that the choosing of the candidate is not final, although Breckenridge says he filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s Office this morning, September 22. The Secretary of State’s Office has not been able to respond to questions about who has the authority in this situation.