Missoula will be experiencing some heavy rain this weekend. Meteorologist Corby Dickerson said there will be little to no rain on Saturday.

"But the pattern starts to shift a little bit, by the time we work our way in the Sunday night and the Monday,"  Dickerson said. "And we should see a little bit more precipitation in Missoula. Best case scenario we get half an inch, I say worse case scenario, we'll see a quarter inch of rain, which you know liquid wise, is more than we've seen in nearly a month I think."

Dickerson explained this rain couldn't come at a better time.

"Now fortunately we've been dry, we don't have a lot of low or even mid elevation snow pack," Dickerson said. "So we aren't anticipating a lot of runoff, and we anticipate a lot of the high mountain rain to absorb into the snow pack. So really what we're looking to see is small creeks,streams things of that nature."

After a rainy weekend, its is supposed to be sunny most of the week next week, with occasional showers.

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