KGVO has moved from 101.5 FM to a new frequency at 98.3 FM. Our new facility has less power, which means that on Thursday, February 2, many loyal listeners may find themselves struggling to hear their favorite programs. This guide should help!

First of all, for those living in Ravalli County, the best option is likely going to be our new Hamilton-based station 1240 AM KLYQ. The new FM signal will be much harder to receive down the valley and 1240 AM is the best option.

Because of the lower power, many radios inside homes may struggle to get reception, but there is a very easy test to see if you should be able to get the new station where you live: if your vehicle radio can pick up 98.3 then you can likely get the station at home (with a little work).

Our engineer Tom McGinley put together this little FAQ to help you get the best KGVO signal in your home:

  • Move the physical position of the radio set itself. Simply turning it may help a lot. Ideally, move the radio close to a window facing Missoula.
  • If the radio has a rod or wire antenna connected on the back, try re-positioning that to find the best reception. Smaller tabletop radios may not have an external antenna connection and use the power cord itself as the actual antenna. Try re-positioning the power cord for best reception.
  • If you live some distance from Missoula, using an external antenna connected to the radio may be needed. "Rabbit ears" or twin-lead wire dipoles can work very well. Placing the antenna as high as you can near a window usually works the best. If you can install the antenna outside or in your attic, that works even better.
  • KGVO is still on AM 1290. We’ve made some recent improvements at our transmitter that makes AM 1290 listening clearer and more reliable. A plastic "loop" externally-connected antenna often supplied with many radios works best for AM. You have to move the position of the antenna around to capture the best reception.
  • For those listeners who prefer to listen to FM radio and are still having problems with 98.3 reception, a better radio set may be your best solution. We recommend the C-Crane or the GE SuperRadio table top portables that both have superb sensitivity on AM and FM for pulling in the weaker signals.

And please don't forget that all KGVO programming is also streamed worldwide over the internet. Go to and hit the Listen Live tab to listen from your PC. Or, use the KGVO Mobile App, available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

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