Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Peter Christian here from KGVO Radio with a primer on how to successfully file for your property tax rebate.

VERY IMPORTANT: There is a number on the letter you received from Governor Greg Gianforte and Montana Department of Revenue Director Brendan Beatty.

The number is directly below the Letter Date August 1, 2023

The Letter ID starts with a letter followed by a 10-digit code. DON’T LOSE IT!

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Don't Lose the Letter from the Governor; it has an Important Number

Who is eligible to receive the rebate?


Anyone who is a Montana taxpayer who was billed for and paid property taxes in 2022 could receive a $425 property tax rebate.

To qualify, you must have paid property taxes on your principal residence and have done the following four things:

Owned a Montana residence for at least seven months; lived in this Montana residence for at least seven months; had property taxes, including special assessments and other fees billed on that residence; and paid property taxes on that residence.

It all Starts with a Visit to the Website Below

Visit this website;  GETMYREBATE.MT.GOV

Scroll down to the RED BOX that says ‘APPLY FOR THE PROPERTY TAX REBATE’

That will take you to the ‘Transaction Portal’

You will need important information from your property tax bills in order to complete this section; your Social Security Number and your ‘GEOCODE’, the 17 digit code that legally identifies your Montana property. It looks like this:


If you cannot find your GEOCODE, visit this website: cadastral.mt.gov

To Find your GEOCODE Visit the Website Above

You will also need to have the FULL AMOUNT of property taxes you paid for 2022 in both halves of the year.

The website will prompt you if you make an error and let you correct it. When you have entered the correct information, it will advance you to the next page.

Continue through the prompts until you get to the end of the process.

The website will ask you if you want a paper check or have the funds deposited directly into your bank account.

If you have all of your information, completing the online form should only take you a few minutes.

It took me about 20 minutes to complete the form after I gathered all the information needed, such as the physical address of my residence; the GEOCODE; the amount of property taxes paid in both halves of the year, social security numbers for me and my spouse, the bank account or the mailing address where I want my property tax rebate deposited or sent.

Save the Confirmation Number for your Records

After you have submitted your online form, you will receive an email with a confirmation number. Save it for your records.

If all else fails, contact the Montana Department of Revenue at 406-444-6900.

By the way, you have until October 1, 2023 to submit your property tax rebate claim.

Good luck!

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