I love movies, and I especially love watching a good movie that was filmed in Montana. It’s even more exciting if the movie is filmed in Missoula. It’s so cool to watch all the different scenes and say, “Hey! I know where that is!” I’m sure you all agree with me when I say that Montana is THE most beautiful place, and most definitely the best backdrop for any film genre. Here are some popular movies that were filmed in Montana. Some of these may surprise you!


“My Sister’s Keeper” – Filmed in 2008 *hyperlink on all the movie titles*

“My Sister’s Keeper” was shot in and near Glacier National Park. “My Sister’s Keeper” was released in 2009. The drama film stars Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin. To be completely honest, I have not seen this film, but it has 7 out of 10 stars according to IMDb. *hyperlink*

“Taking Chance” – Filmed in 2008

Not all, but some of this movie was shot in Bozeman with the dramatic-looking Bridger Mountains. I loved this movie. It was very sad, and it hit me hard as my brother is a Marine, and at the time he was serving our country overseas. The strange thing is, the film is supposed to be taking place in Wyoming, but some scenes were filmed in Montana. This movie is obviously based on real-life events. Kevin Bacon plays Lt. Col. Michael Strolb, a volunteer military escort officer. He accompanies the body of 19-year-old Marine Chance Phelps back to his hometown of Dubois, Wyoming. If you have not seen this movie, rent it today – you will not regret it.

“Sweetgrass” – Filmed in 2003

This was a truly awesome film. It was actually a documentary about a group of shepherds that took a herd of sheep through the Beartooth Mountains. The aging men do their best to keep the hundreds of sheep together. The panoramic, high mountains are teeming with hungry wolves and grizzly bears. They played this treasure at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2009.

“Hidalgo” – Filmed in 2002

If you love horses, like I do, you will really appreciate this movie. The final horse scene was filmed in Browning. This movie is based in the late 1800s, where a down-and-out cowboy and his horse travel to Arabia to compete in a deadly cross-country horse race. It stars the much loved Viggo Mortensen.


“The Horse Whisperer” – Filmed in 1997

Here’s another fantastic horse movie. Spoiler alert – the opening scene of this movie is SAD. This is the only other movie beside “Up” that had me in tears in the first five minutes. The movie is about a mother who travels to a unique horse trainer to rehabilitate her severely traumatized daughter and her equally injured horse. The ranch scenes were filmed in Bozeman. Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas’chemistry in this film makes it a must see.

“The Patriot” – Filmed in 1997

This movie was not released until 2000, but the filming took place in Bozeman in 1997. Mel Gibson plays a peaceful farmer, Benjamin Martin, who is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution, when a sadistic British officer murders his son.


Even though you have most likely seen at least a few of these movies, I bet you didn’t know that all of these movies have scenes filmed in Montana. Even before I knew that all of these movies were filmed so close to home, the one thing that stood out in all these films was the beautiful backdrops and scenery. These are all classics, so even if you have seen these in the past, rent one tonight and see if you can figure out which scenes were shot in Montana!






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