20 year-old Kyle Wanner is in the Missoula County Jail awaiting transport to Butte, where he allegedly walked away from the Butte Pre-Release Center.

Wanner was apprehended on Monday after Missoula police received a tip that he might be in the city. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the information came from the Missoula Probation Office.

"He had been reported as an escapee from Butte," Welsh said. "He apparently was in a car on West Broadway. The officer pulled in behind the vehicle and as he approached the drivers side, he recognized the driver as Kyle Wanner, who spoke briefly with the officer and then ran away down West Broadway with the officer in pursuit."

Welsh described Wanner's capture.

"Another plainclothes officer who heard the pursuit on the police radio managed to cut Wanner off and he was taken into custody without incident, in the alleyway west of the 300 block of North Higgins," he said.

Wanner is in the Missoula County Jail and will be seen on Wednesday to arrange his return to Butte. No one was injured in the pursuit.