On Friday, the Missoula Police Department took a report of a disturbance in the 300 block of W. Pine Street. A man reported that he had been accosted by two unknown males while riding his bicycle. He said a man swung a box cutter at him and attempted to knife him. As he rode past the man, he said he felt something make contact with the jacket he was wearing. He later noticed an opening on the back of the jacket, which he claimed wasn’t there before the incident. He rode past the males and took a photo of them.

Later that night, Sergeant Rick Stevenson says police received a report of a man walking around with a “knife” and brandishing it at people.

“On May 17, at about 6:50 in the evening, 38-year-old Sheldon Hameline was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon after he threatened a male with a box cutter and attempted to stab a second male,” Stevenson said. “This all occurred at the 100 block of West Broadway. No one was hurt and the individual was taken into custody right there at the time.”

According to court documents, Hameline’s clothing matched the clothing of one of the males in the photo and his physical description was consistent with the original complainant’s description. Hameline was located kneeling on the ground. He was disarmed by a citizen intervenor, who reported that he had kicked the knife away from Hameline before law enforcement arrived.

One man reported that Hameline asked him for a cigarette. When he said no, the man said Hameline produced a knife, pointed it at him, and tried to stab him with it.

Another man also reported that he had been assaulted by Hameline. He reported that he had been standing on the sidewalk when Hameline came up and put his arm around him, then produced a knife and held it up near the man’s neck and face. Hameline now faces two felony assault charges.

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