18-year-old LaBenza Dawn Charlo was picked up in the middle of the night after tribal law enforcement officers found out her location. According to Lake County Sheriff Don Bell, Charlo was picked-up on a warrant in connection to a double homicide case that occurred at a hotel in Missoula on October 19. Sheriff Bell explains how she was apprehended.

"Tribal law enforcement here came up with her location and one of my deputies went with them to that location and arrested Ms. Charlo without incident," Bell said. "She was at a residence in Ronan, so we picked her up at around 1:30 in the morning, brought her in and talked to a detective and the County Attorneys in both counties. Because we are sister counties, right next to one another, she is going to be seen on her warrant in Missoula County, so we just transported her down."

Bell says Charlo was only held in Lake County for about seven hours. Charlo is still being described by Missoula police as a "person of interest" in the homicide of 23-year-old Jason Flink and 31-year-old Megan McLaughlin. Two men, Preston Rossbach and Jonathan Whitmore are already being held as suspects in this case. Charlo was being held in the Missoula jail on the morning of November 1st on a misdemeanor charge for first offense, marijuana possession.

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