After a long drawn out process, Neptune Aviation has finally retired several P2V firefighting aircrafts. Marketing Manager Kevin Condit says they had a retirement ceremony in September, but some of the aircrafts were sent back to work to fight fires in California.

“After that process, we began to look at homes for the P2V aircrafts,” said Condit. “We had 14 different airports and museums in the running and applying to acquire the P2V aircrafts. We are happy to say that now we have found new homes for the aircrafts.”

According to Condit, several of the aircrafts will be sent to museums all across the country. Even though the aircrafts are officially retired, the flying days for some of the P2V’s are not over.

“We have seven aircrafts and we will keep two of those operational,” Condit said. “They will go to air shows and aircraft demonstrations around the country. The story of the Neptune P2Vs is not over because those aircrafts will remain operational, they just won’t have a firefighting role.”

Condit says he is 100% sure that these aircrafts will no longer fight fires.

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