Over Mother's Day weekend, the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office, working in cooperation with authorities in Missoula and Washington State, executed arrest warrants for eleven suspects wanted for various drug-related offenses.

Operation Mother's Day was a coordinated multi-state sweep of known drug dealers who have been operating out of Ravalli County.

Undersheriff Steve Holton said several agencies were involved in the cooperative investigation.

"Obviously, the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office, the Darby Marshall's Office, law enforcement from the U.S. Forest Service, Missoula County, the Grant County Sheriff's Office in Washington, and Montana Adult Probation and Parole were all involved," Holton said.

Those arrested in Missoula County were 25 year-old Alliana Loew, 26 year-old Brittney Johnson, and 34 year-old Brian Buckreus. 26 year-old Lillian Brooker was arrested in Moses Lake, Washington, and in Ravalli County, those arrested included 61 year-old Richard Dunkin, 55 year-old Roger Scott,52 year-old Lissa Ann Hartigan, 36 year-old Nathan Matatari, 36 year-old Brian Perschka, 41 year-old Tanya Perschka, and 24 year-old Tyler Knott.

All those arrested have been charged with criminal distribution of dangerous drugs, including methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription pain medication.

Bolton said the goal of the joint exercise was to shut down a network of drug offenders that runs from Washington State through Montana,

"What we were really trying to accomplish here was to let people know that dealing and selling drugs will just not be tolerated in Ravalli County," he said.

Holton said more arrests are in the works, and will be announced soon.

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