Where are all my single friends out there just looking for love? Well, if you're in Missoula have no fear because you're in a solid place to find that special someone.


Get those dating apps downloaded, sign up for a speed dating night (do they do those anymore?) or sign up on Farmers Only because Missoula is a solid place to be for single people according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub.

It's an interesting study that says "47% of all U.S. adults being unmarried and only 42% of single adults interested in a relationship or casual dating right now."

Those numbers seem shockingly high. Marriage at a young age isn't as prevalent as it once was but to say almost half of the nation's adults aren't married seems inflated. What's the reason? Divorce? Independence?

Missoula ranks 35th

Out of almost 200 cities across the country, Missoula ranks in the top 35 of the best places to be single. WalletHub looked at 35 variables to measure which cities were best. Being a city of under 100 thousand people, Missoula ranked even higher (23rd) in the "Dating Opportunities" category.

The cities ranked higher than Missoula are generally a lot larger in population, too. Cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago all dwarf Missoula's population.

Here are the top 5 places to be if you're single.

1. Seattle, WA
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Denver, CO
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Austin, TX

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The bottom 5

If you're single in one of these cities, I have some bad news... it's going to be tough to find a date.

178. Pearl City, HI
179. Glendale, CA
180. Brownsville, TX
181. Warwick, RI
182. Columbia, MD

Source: WalletHub

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