On January 7th, Missoula police officer Deni Poling was badly injured after being run over by a car driven by a suspect trying to escape arrest on a probation violation. Chief Mark Muir said this week that Poling has returned to work on a limited basis.

"Officer Poling has been released by her physicians to return to work on a part-day, light-duty basis," Muir said. "She's not far enough along in the process yet to be able to return to full duty, but we've got here back in our midst. She is just an amazingly strong person who has made up her mind to making her recovery as quickly and as best as possible."

Lieutenant Richard Stepper fired his weapon at Dawnette Eaton, the woman who had struck Poling with her vehicle, striking her in the shoulder. Muir said Stepper is also back at work.

"He is actually doing quite well," Muir said. "He's also happy to see officer Poling back at work, giving all of us the opportunity to support her just a little more closely."

Poling, Stepper, three other officers and a volunteer coordinator will be honored at a special ceremony on Thursday, May 9, at 6 p.m. at the Missoula City Council chambers.The ceremony is open to the public. The medal recipients will also be recognized during the annual Law Enforcement memorial Ceremony on May 14 at Rose Memorial Park.

Missoula Police Chief Mark Muir