The National Rifle Association has picked Montana as one of just a handful of states nationwide where it will be pouring money into advertising to try to persuade Senators to vote for Trump Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.

“The ad by itself is a million dollars in total, and that covers four states, there are television ads, there are online ads, and there’s a variety of different outreach campaigns that we’re using,” said NRA spokesman Lars Daleseide. "Hopefully we’re going to be able to reach enough people so that they’ll call their Senators and say ‘enough of these shenanigans, we need to get this vote on the floor and let the court get back to work.’”

Daleseide says the ad will focus on swinging the vote of Montana Senator Jon Tester, because of things he has said in the past.

“We’re making the ad buy in four different states including Montana, Missouri and a few others. The reason that we’re picking those particular states is because those Senators have voiced support for the Second Amendment,” Daleseide siad. “Tester himself has said we shouldn’t be taking guns away from law abiding citizens, but in the past they’ve voted to support Supreme Court Nominees who were definitely pro-gun control. “

The NRA ad is already on Youtube and tells viewers that their “freedom is on the line.” It appears that there may be other motives behind the advertising: all four of the senators focused on in the ad Campaign, Jon Tester, Heidi Heitkamp, Clair McCaskill, and Joe Donnelly are Democrats in swing states that are up for re-election soon.


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