Missoula Police held a short press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, due to the attention from the community on the two teens who were shot on Sunday evening near the Sentinel High School gym.

Detective Captain Mike Colyer said police have very little new information. Detectives have had limited time with the shooting victims, who are 16 and 17 and not from Missoula.

“We’ve talked to them twice,” said Colyer. “We’ve been able to get a little bit more information from them the second time we talked to them, but obviously their medical care comes first and so we are letting that play out and we’d like to do something much more involved with them when they’ve been released from the hospital.”

Colyer admitted that they do not have the identity of the gunman, and that he may not still be in Missoula, but asked for the public’s assistance with any information they might be able to provide.

“We have had a little information, some of it from people we know and some is anonymous, so it takes time to go through that, but every little bit helps,” he said. “I encourage anyone who has information, even if you might think it’s minor or unimportant, please call us.”

He also said that MCPS has made any surveillance footage near the scene available to authorities.

Colyer asked the public to call Missoula Police detective Mitch Lang at 552-6292.

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