A comment by Governor Steve Bullock to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that a Montana campus may need to be closed in order to deal with a proposed 23.3 million dollar cut proposed by the legislature, is not something being actively considered.

"The Board of Regents and the University System are not proposing to close any of the campuses of the University System," said Kevin McRae from the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. "However, the Governor's point is not lost on us as to the impact that the 23.3 million dollar cut in state funding would have."

McRae put the 23 million dollar cut in perspective by pointing out how much some of the smaller institutions receive.

"The entire state appropriation of University of Montana Western in Dillon is only 7.8 million dollars," McRae said. "The entire state appropriation for Montana Tech in Butte is 16 million dollars."

Of course the big dogs, like the University of Montana and MSU Bozeman receive substantially more money, about $65 million and $70 million respectively, which is more than half of all the funds allocated to the eight institutions statewide.

McRae says the Board of Regents are asking the legislature to continue funding at the same $194 million level it is at this year, however, in a tough budgeting year, many expect there to be some cuts.

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