Sentinel High School administration were notified of a bomb threat on Tuesday, but after further investigation, Hatton Littman with Missoula County Public Schools said no credible threat was found.

"Sentinel staff and faculty as well as the administration were alerted by students to some graffiti that was found in a bathroom stall," Littman said. "The graffiti was anonymous and just identified a threat that a bomb that would go off. It didn't identify a specific school, though it did discuss June the 8th."

Littman said the school then followed standard procedures.

"Immediately upon notification, the administration notified the Missoula Police Department, we have school resource officers who are in each school, so they worked to coordinate with additional officers," Littman said. "The investigation ultimately also included the University of Montana Police Department. We completed a thorough search of the school to determine if the threat was valid and whether or not the school did contain anything of concern."

School went on as scheduled this morning.

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