Phase Two of the Missoula Regional Park will debut to the public on Thursday, July 26.

Along with the softball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds and park areas will be literally just what the doctor ordered, Prescription Trail Walks.

Missoula Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gauckler said on Wednesday that the Parks Department and facility developers have been working with Missoula’s healthcare leaders to help their patients in a specific way.

“We are working with Community Medical Center and Providence St. Patrick Hospital on not only Fort Missoula trails, but other trails in the community whereby local doctors are prescribing to their patients a walk in the park,” said Gauckler. “This is especially for patients who may be trying to manage cardiovascular issues, heart conditions, diabetes, whatever it may be, including weight management. Being outdoors and walking is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our bodies and frankly for our minds. This has been a program that has been well received by the medical field, the City County Health Department, and we have partners throughout the community who are trying to get people out for just a simple healthy walk in their neighborhood parks.”

Gauckler said the prescription walks in Phase Two has pathways of different lengths and loops from a quarter mile to even doing a three to five mile loop.

“The prescription trails have nearby parking, nearby water fountains, and the maps have distance markers on them and there are benches for resting,” she said.

(Photo courtesy of Missoula Parks and Recreation)

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