A new boat landing on the Clark Fork River opened on July 1st, providing another access point for rafters and boaters for 'take-out' in downtown Missoula. The new landing is located in Silver Park, a new 15 acre riverfront park  just west of Osprey Stadium funded by the Missoula Redevelopment Agency and Missoula Parks and Recreation.

The boat ramp is designated for 'take-out' only, as launching from Silver Park is not recommended due to multiple hazards downstream, including a diversion dam, shallow and braided river channels and multiple in-stream obstacles. As with all city parks, the Silver Park landing is for day use only, and no camping or fires are allowed. Parks and Recreation Communications Specialist Becky Goodrich says if you want more information, visit the Parks and Recreation website.

Parks and Recreation Communications Specialist Becky Goodrich