Last Friday, August 7, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office received their first order of bulletproof vests. Sheriff TJ McDermott says that the need for new equipment is overdue.

"For many years, a lot of our equipment has been outdated and needed to be updated," McDermott said. "So today is exciting because literally we have over 50 brand new ballistic vests that will be issuing out to our deputies as well as some folks out at our detention center that do our transports. It's just a great thing. It will enhance their safety and make sure that they are able to do their job properly and get home at night to those they love."

McDermott says a majority of the vests are made by a company called Second Chance and cost around 800 dollars, but he says the money is worth it for the protection officers will receive.

"These vests are designed of course to protect a deputy from various calibers of gunfire," McDermott said. "There are also pockets where plates can be put in the vests to protect an edge weapon and assault as well. It offers great protection to our deputies."

Along with these bulletproof vests, officers will be equipped with a body camera and new tasers.