The changeover in downtown Missoula is nearly complete from the older manually operated parking meters to the new automated "Luke" system.

With the retirement of long-time Parking Commission Director Anne Guest, interim director Goeff Badenoch said the new meters still take coins.

"The system is fairly intuitive and it tells you what to do," Badenoch said. "They take credit cards or they take coins. They don't take pennies and they don't take dollar bills, but you can pay with a debit card, a credit card or coins."

Badenoch said the meters feature new technology, and the average user might require a little help feeding the new meters.

"It is a new system and it is technology-based and people may be a little intimidated by it, but it's possible to go on You Tube and there's a tutorial if users just go to the Missoula Parking Commission, you'll find the information there."

Badenoch said any parking commission employee is happy to provide personal instruction on how to use the new meters.


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