Montana authorities are attempting to better fight human trafficking by displaying awareness posters across the state.

"We were required by a new law that passed earlier this year to create these posters and you will soon see them in all of Montana's rest areas," said Montana Department of Justice spokeswoman Anastasia Burton. "We are also working with our own internal rule making process to identify other places where the posters will be displayed."

The posters are black and white with an image of young girl next to bright red letters that read “Do you feel fike a slave? Help Montana STOP human trafficking.” Further text is written in both English and Spanish.

"The main message of the poster is offering help to people who have been trafficked and also offering a resource for people to call if they think that they are aware of a human trafficking situation," Burton said. There's a toll free number on the poster. It's 1-888-373-7888."

Though the posters are most likely to be seen in rest areas, Burton says that businesses may be required to display the posters in the near future as well.

Anastasia Burton: