Results from the ACT college readiness test are back and according to Missoula County School District 1 Superintendent Mark Thane, Hellgate High school Juniors were some of the top performers in the state.

"We, at Missoula County Public Schools, did administer last spring the ACT to all Juniors," Thane said. "Hellgate High school had the highest reading scores in the state for all AA high schools, which is something we take great pride in. Hellgate and Sentinel battled Bozeman Senior High School for the top scores in all of the other categories."

In those other categories, the top schools were neck-and-neck.

"I think Bozeman had the top scores in math," Thane said. "it was a pretty even race when you look at science and social science areas. We haven't broken down and disaggregated all of the data yet, it is relatively new to us, but we are excited. When you look at the bar graphs the top scores are almost indistinguishable between those three schools."

Technically, the scores are not final for all students, those who think they can do better may opt to retake the test.

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