On Friday, the Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation received a nearly $800,000 ($779,678) grant to help the new Marriott hotel in Missoula give employees “good quality” jobs.

"This is the fourth time we've received this grant from the Department of Health and Human Service's Office of Community Service," said Montana & Idaho CDC President Dave Glaser. "This federal source of funding is meant to help create long lasting and good quality jobs for areas that need them and certainly, Montana and Missoula is one of those places."

Glaser explains how the money is used.

"We utilize these monies as a long term, lower interest loan that encourages these companies to create these longer-lasting, well paying and strong benefit jobs," Glaser said. "In this case, we're talking somewhere north of 80 jobs."

Of course, the jobs won’t be available until the Mariott Hotel is completed, an event expected next year. 25 organizations nationwide received similar grants, however, the one for the Missoula Mariott was one of the highest grant totals in the nation.

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