Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Tom Gill was injured near Anaconda on Monday when a semi-truck passed by so close that it struck his drivers side door as he was opening it to issue a citation.

Trooper Gill was transported to the hospital for treatment of an eye injury due to the accident. Another trooper tracked down the semi and issued a citation for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle.

Captain Jim Kitchen told KGVO News that drivers need to know about the 'move-over' law that was enacted in 2005.

"When that kind of thing happens, the potential loss of life or serious injury is high and we don't want to see any of our troopers, deputies or police officers injured or killed," Kitchen said. "When you see a trooper or any flashing lights ahead, from a tow truck, fire personnel or ambulance, slow down and move over."

Kitchen said the risk of injury will rise when the weather turns cold and there is snow and ice on the highway.

"When these roads get slick and people come up on these traffic stops and they hit their brakes, they can slide right into a tow truck or emergency vehicle," he said. "We're just asking everyone to drive more safely, and if you can move over, please move over. It not, you need to slow down. That is the law."

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