Although he hasn't been saying much on his own behalf, there is a lot of buzz that former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer will run for Max Baucus' U.S. Senate seat.

In a recent report, journalist David Asman says he has discovered a Brian Schweitzer Super PAC, called The Council for a Sustainable America, set up by Brian Schweitzer himself (the PAC reportedly has the same P.O. Box address as Schweitzer's personal P.O. Box). Asman claims that the non-profit has been used exclusively for politicking and runs contrary to the IRS' own rule that to receive non-profit status only 40% of expenditures can be used for political ends.

Schweitzer has not commented publicly on the issue, but former senior aide Franklin Hall has denied some of the charges according to a blog post on The Lowdown by Journalist John Adams titled Schweitzer aide’s PO Box ‘only connection’ to dark money PAC. In the blog, Adams quotes Hall as saying, “The only connection whatsoever between the governor’s campaign and the entity that was shut down three years ago is my personal P.O. Box.”

The issue of "dark money" in Montana politics was a highlight of the Tester/Rehberg Senate race and even though Schweitzer hasn't officially entered the Senate contest, the charges of inappropriate money sources have already begun to fly.

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