The Missoula Police Department investigated multiple burglary cases on Tuesday, August 16. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“Earlier we had taken a report from a resident of the 1700 block of Arlington that his garage had been entered and missing were various power tools,” said Welsh. “There was a neighbor who had video surveillance that showed a male and female suspect and an image of the vehicle they were driving at the time.”

Officers discovered a vehicle matching that description and male and female occupants parked in a parking lot.

“They were able to see known items that were taken in this previous burglary inside the car and they identified a male and a female occupant. They were eventually arrested. They are 21 year old Tiffany Johnson and 34-year-old Keith Shinn and they were arrested in connection with this original burglary.”

Earlier that same day, officers responded to a report of a male breaking out windows on a store front.

“By the time they had encountered 31-year-old Jakob Birdsley he had grabbed an item off a display shelf inside the business through one of the broken windows. He pulled it outside and dropped it on the ground causing it to break as well.”

According to Welsh, these crimes may or may not be related to the car thefts reported earlier in the week.