Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Missoula Police Chief Michael Colyer announced this week that Captain Matt Stonesifer has graduated from the 288th session of the FBI National Academy.

KGVO News reached out to Chief Colyer on the importance of the specialized training from the FBI.

Missoula Police Captain Receives Specialized Training from the FBI

“We're really proud of our patrol Captain Matt Stonesifer,” began Chief Colyer. “Matt just returned from the FBI National Academy. The FBI National Academy is an executive-level training for law enforcement professionals throughout the world. In addition, it's not just throughout the United States but there are a couple of dozen other countries that are represented in it. They do four sessions of the national academy every year.”

Chief Colyer explained how the FBI training would help Captain Stonesifer with his everyday duties.

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Captain Stonesifer will Use His FBI Training Every Day

“It won't change his day-to-day work,” he said. “It’s the FBI’s college level, and in Matt's case, graduate-level courses that are endorsed by the University of Virginia through the FBI Academy. He has returned to the same job that he's always done. But you know, I argue that people that come back from the FBI National Academy are armed with some additional training and education opportunities that will really help them develop in areas like leadership and critical incident and organization.”

Colyer said Captain Stonesifer made some sacrifices in order to receive the specialized training.

Captain Stonesifer was Away from his Family for 12 Weeks of Training

“He just has demonstrated good leadership and the willingness to develop his career and there is some self-sacrifice that comes with that, such as leaving your family for about 12 weeks, which can be a little tough, but he was willing to take on that self-sacrifice to better himself and then in turn to bring that back and help further our organization,” he said. “I think he was the right choice to go and I'm sure he'll take everything he learned in that experience and put it to good work here.”

The National Academy is held at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the same facility where the FBI trains its new special agents and intelligence analysts.

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