At around 6:00 p.m. Sunday night, a Missoula Police officer observed a vehicle stop at the crosswalk of the intersection of West Broadway and Woody Street. The officer found this odd because there were no pedestrians in the immediate area. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The officer watched as a male and female got out of the vehicle, went around to the rear, and engaged in some type of pushing or shoving match before the male got back into the driver’s seat of the car and proceeded to travel westbound,” Welsh said. “The female and another male were left standing in the street. The female had slammed the door on the male in the driver’s seat prior to him leaving the immediate intersection.”

Believing he had possibly witnessed an assault, the officer followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. He made contact with the driver who was identified as 44-year-old Jason Bigknife.

“Mr. Bigknife refused to speak about the disturbance, but the officer observed that he appeared to under the influence of some type of alcohol,” Welsh said. “The officer made observations that led him to that suspicion and Mr. Bigknife was subsequently placed under arrest for DUI. The officer learned that Mr. Bigknife had three prior convictions, making this a possible fourth and also felony.”

According to court documents, Bigknife stated he drank a pint of vodka and four or five Colt 45s.

The officer asked Bigknife about the previous incident he witnessed, and Bigknife stated he did not want to talk about it. Welsh said the officers attempted to find the female who was involved, but she had left the scene.

Bigknife is currently being charged with one count of felony DUI.

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