As a special treat for school families over the Mother’s Day weekend, MCPS school buses were delivering more than just school lunches on Friday.

MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman has details of the fragrant gifts.

“Back in March, our school district was contacted by a local business, Agile Goat Flower Farms and their owner said that she wanted to donate their tulip harvest this year,” said Littman. “They knew that during the pandemic their beautiful flowers were not going to be available for sale given that the distribution chains and sales chains would be impacted.”

Littman explained how MCPS made the gifts possible.

“What we did as a school district, there were some live tulips as well as some dried flowers that have a small card for mom,” she said. “We also made some little postcard-sized coloring cards that come with the flowers so students can get that card and color it for their parents so that they will have a small gift for their parents, and we hope it brings a smile to everyone’s face.”

Littman also addressed the issue of high school graduation ceremonies.

“We are working diligently within our school district and with our partners in the health department to find out what our safe option will be that really allows our students to be honored,” she said. “We hope that if at all possible those students with their parents and guests can be honored. We hope to be able to share that information soon, hopefully next week with the community.”

Health Officer Ellen Leahy directly addressed high school graduations earlier on Friday. Click here for details.

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