On Friday, August 21, more evacuations were set for the Bull River along Highway 56 due to the Napoleon Fire.

"Our red zones have expanded into some of our yellow zones from yesterday, so yeah, we did expand the evacuation orders a little further south," Public Information Officer John Head said. "The pre-evacuations goes all the way to the Junction on 200 now and extends towards Idaho and Highway 200 to about mile marker 6. All those folks have been put on alert."

Head says that around 20 to 30 people have already been evacuated and is expecting more will go into place due to the weather predictions for the weekend.

"We've been expecting higher winds, we are getting some gusts, I think we have a 20 mph kind of wind that has picked up a little earlier today," Head said. "The humidities are just unusually dry. Anytime you see relative humidity of teens around here, that's an eye opener for us. We thought it might hit us tonight but it appears to be coming in today. Even right here down in the valley bottom, the trees are moving around, we are getting some wind."

There were no injuries and according to Head, the fire is currently less than a quarter mile away from structures.