Missoula County Public Schools will be holding more Active Resistance Training at Rattlesnake Elementary School on Friday, April 20.

MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman said there will be no school at Rattlesnake Elementary so the staff and teachers can undergo the specialized training.

“This will be a full day of training for the teachers and students will not attend school at Rattlesnake on Friday,” said Littman. “Active Resistance Training is something that we’ve been doing for the past three years. This is a day long scenario-based training that teaches our faculty how to respond to a variety of different threats. It helps them understand the psychology of a crisis situation and how people might respond, especially using what we call the ‘Run, Lock and Fight’ response.”

Littman said participants will learn how to respond to gunshots and an armed intruder in the school.

“There will be a simulated gunfire scenario,” she said. “We do have trained members of law enforcement as well as trained teachers who are part of the Active Resistance Training, They will fire blanks and there will be an intruder dressed in padded gear so that participants have to coordinate a response and fight back against that individual and they also learn reasonable and effective ways to get out of the situation.”

In addition to the Rattlesnake School being off on that Friday, on Monday the 23rd there will be a district-wide professional development day at Lowell Elementary, so there will be no school on the 23rd.




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