Montana’s Unemployment rate held still through June in what Montana Department of Labor Economist Barbara Wagner described as a “boring” report.

"I have to say that this month may be the most boring unemployment rate information we've ever issued, because the unemployment rate is exactly the same  as it was last month," Wagner said. "It's good, Montana's unemployment rate, which is at 4.2 percent this [June], is really the ideal rate, because if it starts dipping lower than that, then businesses have a hard time finding the workers that they need."

There are actually more than six unemployment rates, some of which track workers that want to work more that can’t, and which include workers that have given up searching for work. Although the official unemployment rate held still, Wagner says there were changes in some of the other measures.

"I keep an eye on those other unemployment rates as well, and the good news is that even though Montana's unemployment rate has been hanging out at the same level for the past six months or so, the other unemployment rates are coming down," Wagner said.

Montana’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, which jumped to 4.9 percent in June.