Copy machine giant and business services supplier Xerox announced today, October 13, that it will not be completing its work on a medicaid payment system for the state of Montana.

Xerox was supposed to finish working on Montana’s system in February of 2014, but was given a new deadline of May 2017 by state officials. The admission that Xerox won’t complete implementation comes after it announced in July that it would be working on the project till 2023.

When asked for a response, Montana’s Chief Information Officer Ron Baldwin sent the following message:

“Montana is engaged in intense negotiations with Xerox to ensure that Montana taxpayers receive a state-of-the-art system, do not pay for any services not delivered, and are fairly compensated for any delays. We are still in negotiations and are not able to provide further information at this time."

Public Information Officer Sheryl Olson said that it is unclear how long the negotiations with Xerox would last.