An attack by a bear on Sunday afternoon, September 28, has put a woman in the hospital and authorities on high alert.

The incident occurred west of Kalispell.

"It was very unfortunate," said Montana FWP Region 1 Public Information Officer John Fraley. "An elderly woman was attacked and injured near her residents on Sunday afternoon and we are investigating it. We don't know her immediate status, but she was transferred to Kalispell Regional Medical Center yesterday afternoon and she is still in the hospital at this time."

Fraley says traps are still set for the bear, which, apparently, has not yet been captured.

"We responded when we got the call, along with a sheriff's deputy. We mobilized what is called a wildlife response team. It was in a rural area between Batavia and Ashley Lake."

The name of the injured woman and the status of the home have not been released. Questions about what may have caused the attack and further updates on the woman's status may be answered at a press briefing scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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