There’s a congressional election coming up on May 25th and three candidates are currently out barnstorming the state to gather votes and remind people that the special election actually exists.

Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist have big-name parties to help promote their message and a head start. Libertarian Mark Wicks was picked at a nominating convention on Saturday March 11, nearly a week after his competitors, and now he’s out explaining how he differs from the crowd.

"With Gianforte there's a lot of stuff I agree on, but I think he goes a little too far right, I'm a little more friendly to some of the alternative communities than I think he will be," Wicks said. "With Quist, I'm not in favor of sanctuary cities, I think we need to know who's coming into our country, I also know that immigrants are some of the best people we have in this country, but we've gotta know who's here."

Wicks says says he originally thought the special election would give a Libertarian an advantage, but now says that the short time-span of the special election makes it even more difficult to run a successful third-party campaign. Still, Wicks is using the outcome of the last general election as part of his campaign.

"This campaign is a little different, you know, usually we don't know what the balance of power is going to be on election day: it's all up in the air, every congressional seat is up in the air, but this time we know what the balance of power is going to be, if there is one more 'R' or one more 'D' it's not going to change the balance of power.

Wicks says he would most likely caucus with the Republicans if elected and argues that a Libertarian in Washington D.C. would get more air time and coverage for Montana interests, because of the unique nature of his third-party role in congress.

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