Today in Washington D.C., Montana Senator Steve Daines introduced two bills on the senate floor, which he said would provide vital infrastructure to rural Montana.

“Water is a precious resource in Montana, and there are still rural communities that face barriers of access and are in dire need of clean drinking water,” Danies said. “Water is a basic need of life. In Montana, we depend on a steady supply to irrigate our crops, water our livestock, and provide energy through hydropower.”

There are 11 projects already approved by the senate that remain unfunded.

“The short term fixes must stop,” Daines said. “It’s time that the federal government fulfills the obligations and promises to Montana’s rural communities, and provides needed funding to ensure our rural water projects are completed.”

Senator Jon Tester co-sponsored the American Rural Water Project Completion Act with Daines. It would fund projects in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Iowa.

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