After five years of stalling, the  U.S. Senate has voted to pass the Keystone XL pipeline today, January 29. The final vote was 62 to 36, but the more important vote will likely come after the bill is sent back to the Senate with a presidential veto.

President Obama's veto pen was on Montana Senator Jon Tester's mind when he issued the following statement regarding the Keystone XL vote.

“The Keystone pipeline will make our nation more energy secure and it will create jobs in Montana," Tester said. "I urge President Obama to sign the bill into law. But Keystone is not the only solution for our energy future. We must step up our work to make cleaner energy alternatives a larger part of our nation's energy strategy.”

Montana Senator Steve Daines also hailed the passage of Keystone XL issuing this statement:

“From working to strengthen our infrastructure to advocating for Montana’s robust agriculture industry, these subcommittees will allow me to lend an even larger voice to our state’s diverse interests in the Senate,” Daines stated. “I look forward to continuing to work to protect Montanans from reckless government spending and senseless overreach and find solutions that increase economic opportunity for hardworking Montana families, small businesses, ranchers and farmers.”

In recent days, both Senator Daines and Tester have talked about the importance of ultimately passing Keystone XL, however, only a few days ago, Tester voted to filibuster the bill saying it needed more time for discussion and urging the passage of various amendments.

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