Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - University of Montana Professor Mehrdad Kia, a native of Persia, provided his insights into the weekend attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas against Israel, in which over 1,000 Israelis have so far been killed and hundreds taken hostage, including some U. S. citizens.

Kia and Professor Michael Mayer were on the KGVO Talk Back ‘Global Hot Spots’ segment on Monday. One of the details Kia brought up first was the fact that the Biden Administration gave over $6 billion to Iran, which Kia said was undoubtedly used to help fund the attacks on Israel.

Professor Kia has an Intimate Knowledge of Problems in the Middle East

“In the middle of all of this, the most disturbing part of it is that only a few weeks ago, as you know, the United States government released $6 billion of frozen funds to the Iranian regime, this very regime, which just funded and supported and armed and organized terrorist attacks against Israel,” began Professor Kia.

Kia compared the sudden attack by Hamas on Israel to the terrorist attacks on the U.S.  on September 11, 2001.

Professor Kia Compared the Hamas Attacks to our own September 11, 2001

“In some ways, I have to say, this is Israel’s 911,” he said. “In addition, the number of casualties in we tend to forget is a very, very small country (Israel). ‘Territorially in terms of population, losing something around 1,000 innocent civilians is a shock for any country, but especially for Israel, which has never sustained this level of casualties.”

Kia also said that Iran’s support for Hamas also came from the fact that Iran has been allowed to resume selling oil on the open market, once forbidden by international sanctions.

“We have basically allowed Iran to sell a huge amount of oil since the Biden administration came to power,” he said. “They have made billions of dollars selling Iranian oil in international markets, and we now know where these billions of dollars have been going. They have been going into Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations in the region”

Kia Worries that the Conflict with Hamas Will Spread through the Region

Kia said he greatly fears that the proxy conflict against Israel will expand throughout the Middle East.

“My biggest fear is that Iran will expand this by now going to its other proxy, which is Hezbollah in Lebanon, and basically widening the conflict against Israel, and that would have catastrophic results for the region as a whole.”

Listen to Professors Kia and Mayer’s full comments from the Global Hot Spots program by clicking here.

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