As of this month, Montana non-profits will have an easier time using gambling to raise money.

"Effective October 1, non-profits that have registered with our department can sell raffle tickets online," said Angela Nunn from the Montana Gambling Control Division. "The second piece of that is that they can also sell raffle tickets outside of Montana, which under the previous law was not allowed."

The changes were approved by the 2017 legislature in Senate Bill 25, which was brought by Representative Mark Blasdel.

"They do need to fill out a short, one-page form: form 46, which is on our website" Nunn said. "They just need to identify who the organization is and provide us a copy of that non-profit's status.  So that we can track who is doing this online in Montana and make sure that only legitimate non-profits are selling to our Montana residents."

A direct link to the website and the form can be found here.

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