Representatives from Core-Mark International, a fresh food supplier are venting their frustrations with Montana’s strict milk laws and a recent revocation of an exemption that had been in place after a court ruling. Area representative Tom Bears said that many smaller retailers will be affected.

"The state of Montana wrote a letter to Dairy Gold, who's producing this milk from out of state, and said you can no longer produce this milk," Bears said. "Therefore URM and Core-Mark can no longer get milk that's allowed in the state of Montana. That probably affects 300 retailers including grocery stores."

According to Bears, the constraint on supply will begin to affect retailers soon. He said the big box stores and large grocery chains will be largely unaffected, but that it will hurt the smaller mom-and-pop locations.

"In Missoula, Earl Allen's Hi-Noon Petroleum Zip Trip, they actually haven't even got a call back. So if you go in there next Monday or Tuesday, there will be no milk on the shelves," said Bears. "Department of Livestock is one hundred percent responsible. Montana is the only state in the United States that doesn't let the processor put his date on their consumer date based on testing."

KGVO News has reached out to the Montana Department of Livestock for a response to these charges, so far, they have not been able to give an official response.