The Montana legislature may not be meeting right now, but there are whispers in Helena that Governor Steve Bullock may call a special session to deal with those state infrastructure projects that failed to pass during the last session. Montana Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen commented on the possibility of a special session yesterday.

"From what I'm gathering, it is to fund the pet projects that the governor wanted funded and didn't get funded during the legislature. From the perspective of the House Majority leadership, we are opposed to those projects, we think it's premature to come  into special session right now, especially since we'll probably have to go into special session on some Federal stuff."

Knudsen went on to say that the legislature has already passed over a billion dollars in infrastructure, and that the state really needs to prepare for the possibility of a special session on health care.

"Well, I think there is a very good chance that we will see something as far as a reform of the Affordable Care Act," Knudsen said. "If that happens it will certainly have ramifications on the state and our budget. I think we'll definitely have to come in and address the state budget if more of those Medicaid dollars become the State's responsibility."

According to Legislative Services, the cost of a five day special session would cost Montana around 350,000 dollars. The Montana Constitution gives the governor broad power to call a special session, saying he may convene one "whenever the governor considers it in the public interest."

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