Former Montana Labor Commissioner Keith Kelly spent Wednesday cleaning out his office at the Department of Labor and Industry in Helena.

After a U.S. Senate confirmation on Tuesday, Kelly was approved for his new post in Washington D.C. where he will serve as the assistant secretary of labor for veterans' employment and training.

"It's very similar to the job I do now" says Kelly speaking about his new position." I'll be a public administrator working across the board to discover which programs work and to keep programs going that are working well. My primary responsibility is to help all of these returning veterans and to get them integrated back into civilian society"

. As to his work in Montana, Kelly says "I'd like to say I engineered it all, but that would be saying too much. We've just come under 6% unemployment in Montana, the economy is recovering pretty well, we've had major workers compensation in reform in Montana. Long story short it's a dynamic process. I found this agency in pretty good condition and I feel confident that I'm leaving this agency with a really good team of people."

Kelly worked at another national post during the Clinton administration and says he will be comfortable moving back to D.C.

Former Montana Attorney General Candidate for the Democratic Party Pam Bucy will take over for Kelly starting next Monday.


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