Montana has been named the fastest growing state for manufacturing GDP in the nation. Bureau of Business and Economic Research Economist Paul Polzin says many folks think of big plants when they think of manufacturing, but he says that is not the case in Montana.

“In fact, manufacturing now in Montana is primarily middle size and even small size firms,” said Polzin. “There is no manufacturing firm in Montana in the top two or three categories. The largest manufacturing plant in Montana employs probably 300 people.”

Polizn claims that the concept of manufacturing in Montana now refers to a large number of medium and small firms producing a wide variety of products.

“We have high tech manufacturing, especially down in Bozeman, dealing with computers and electronics,” Polzin said. “We also have medium and small manufacturing that are building facilities, or building items, that are useful not only in the Montana energy industry, but also the industry in northern Alberta.”

According to Montana Governor Steve Bullock, manufacturing in Montana grew by over 10% in the last year and added 380 jobs. Overall, manufacturing produced $3.2 billion to the state’s GDP in 2016.

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