Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - They’re the solitary sentinels of law and order from Montana’s interstate highways to the most remote country roads, and now the Montana Highway Patrol is recruiting new members.

KGVO News spoke to Sergeant Jay Nelson, Public Information Officer with the Montana Highway Patrol about the recruiting effort currently underway.

The Montana Highway Patrol is Recruiting new Troopers

“We're looking for people far and wide to join the ranks of the Montana Highway Patrol to become troopers,” began Sergeant Nelson. “This recruitment cycle we're looking for 10 positions, so there are hopefully going to be 10 people that we can put to work with the Montana Highway Patrol. They would have to start their application process soon though, as it's now open, and then they eventually start at the (Law Enforcement) academy in March of next year in 2024.”

Nelson said this recruitment cycle is focused primarily on troopers.

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They want to Recruit Independent Self-Motivated Troopers

“Well, the main push on this one is for troopers and you know those troopers do a wide variety of things,” he said. “We look for those independent, self-motivated people that would be out on the highways of Montana; from all areas of Montana, whether it's downtown Ekalaka to downtown Billings, there are a wide variety of positions or locations that you could be sent to.”

Nelson said every effort is made to make sure that new troopers can remain close to home and familiar territory.

“We try to keep our Montana residents that are already established close to home, if not at home if there's a position open in their area,” he said. “They would be out there enforcing the laws of the state of Montana and helping citizens out. That's a big one, that we do respond to motor vehicle crashes, and then also really assisting other law enforcement agencies.”

Here are the Minimum Requirements to become a Highway Patrol Trooper

Nelson laid out the minimum requirements for a Highway Patrol trooper.

“The minimum requirements are you must be 18 years of age, a US citizen, have your high school diploma or equivalency diploma, a valid driver's license, and you're ready to go,” he said. “All you have to do is go to dojmt.gov. Once you go to that site, you'll click on the patch, the Highway Patrol patch that we're known for, and it will put you right into the application process to where you can start filling out your application and move forward.”

Get more details on how to become a Montana Highway Patrol trooper here.

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