Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Governor Greg Gianforte and the state’s Agriculture Director Christy Clark appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Monday to discuss their recent trade trip to Taiwan.

Governor Gianforte said both agriculture and Montana’s newest technological companies were represented in the trade delegation.

Governor Gianforte and Ag Director Christy Clark on Talk Back

“We were there to sell grain and to sell beef and we're going to do a lot more of that,” began Governor Gianforte. “But Montana's new economy was represented, as well.  Two bioscience companies here in Montana that are introducing new vaccines and new anesthesia for use in the medical field. It was my pleasure because the Taiwanese are so hospitable, they love freedom, they love free enterprise; we're going to be able to capitalize on that to secure supply chains and enhance their national security by having deeper economic ties there.”

Gianforte said Food Security is National Security for Taiwan

Gianforte acknowledged the fact that Taiwan exists in the very shadow of Communist China and that food security for their millions of citizens is a topic that Montana can help with.

“Taiwan is one-tenth the size of Montana, and it has 23 million people in it, and so they've got to be able to ensure that they can solidify those export markets, just in case something happens,” he said. “In our conversations with President Tsai, this was the primary topic she brought up. Food security for the Taiwanese is national security. They import about 70 percent of their food. Montana is a key supplier and we want to make sure that they have their national security, and keeping them fed is one way we're going to do that.”

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Governor Gianforte says Counties like Missoula are the Reason Taxes are So High

One Talk Back caller brought up the subject of vastly higher property taxes due to the recent reassessment, and what the Governor might be able to do to help. He did not have good news.

“I share your concern,” he said. “Property taxes are too high. Period. Full stop. That's why homeowners are getting over $1,300 back over the next two years. There's more we need to do. The state does not get any property taxes. All property taxes go to the local municipality. You are right when you say local governments are out of control. Missoula is particularly guilty in this regard. Look at your property tax bill. There's not a single line that comes to the state. You need different commissioners in Missoula County.”

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