Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, appearing on KGVO’s Thursday Talk Back show, made two bold announcements, one strongly opposing CI-121 that addresses the rapidly growing problem with property taxes, as well as agreeing to call a special session of the legislature regarding the Roe v Wade decision. KGVO news asked Gianforte if CI 121 would be an effective way to bring down runaway property taxes, to which he explained his opposition to the constitutional initiative.

“Property taxes are a problem,” said Governor Gianforte. “I would just say very clearly CI 121 has been marketed as a good idea but it's really a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's not a tax cut; it's robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Gianforte said many don’t understand the difference between property taxes and locally passed mill levies.

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“We've got to get a handle on these runaway levies,” he said. “Property taxes go to the local community; they don't go to the state, and third, we did property tax relief in the last legislature. We can do more, but CI 121 pushes the burden on to our small businesses and on to farmers and ranchers.”

Gianforte said a number of prominent individuals and state organizations have also opposed CI-121.

“A very diverse group all over Montana has come out opposed to CI 121,” he said. “The Farm Bureau, the realtors, union leaders, contractors, MACO (the Montana Association of Counties) came out against it. So there is broad opposition. I would encourage people to learn more and not sign the petition.”

A talk back caller asked Gianforte if he planned to ask for a special session of the state legislature following the leak out of the U.S. Supreme Court that Roe v Wade was about to be overturned.

“Yeah, I certainly would,” he said. “I'm looking forward to putting Roe v. Wade in the history vault of the United States. It has been a stain in our country for a long time. I am solidly Pro Life, so we have to proceed in a way that protects life, and I would be happy to call a special session. If we have a path that is defensible in the courts here in Montana, and we have a consensus in the legislature, because every life has to be protected.”

Gianforte held a public outdoor ceremony during the recent legislative session to sign several pro-life bills that had his support. Click here hear the entire conversation with Governor Gianforte on Thursday’s Talk Back show.

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