The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Montana a report card for its infrastructure last week, According to Spokesman Dan Karlin, Montana did well when it came to maintaining rail line, but struggled on maintaining its school buildings.

“On bridges we got a C, on drinking water we got a C-, dams was a C-, energy received a C, rail received the highest grade of a B, road received a C-, schools received the lowest grade with a D-, solid waste received a B-, storm water received a D, waste water received a C-, for a total GPA of a C. Compared to the national rate of a D+, we look like we are in pretty good shape, but there is still room for improvement.”

Karlin says ‘A’ Grades are extremely difficult to come by and that most communities should aim for a ‘B’. Montana has actually improved in the past few years, from a ‘C –‘ it received less than five years ago.

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