This Summer U.S. gas prices were the highest they’ve been since 2014, after months of flat prices though, Montana gas prices dipped a penny this past week and petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan believes prices won’t spike up again till next year.

“We have seen a high almost without a doubt,” DeHaan said. “In fact, back in June when prices hit about $2.96, prices have been just under that $3.00 threshold for almost the entire summer. That is because oil prices have been kind of stuck. I would say that by thanksgiving prices would be 10 to 15 cents a gallon lower than they are today.”

Prices in neighboring Idaho are way higher than Montana, the average price there is about 40 cents higher than what people are paying at the pump in Billings, inside Montana there is a pretty big swing in prices too.

“Billings is some of the cheapest gas,” DeHaan said. “A couple stations there are at $2.72. Great Falls is at about $2.77. Looking at Missoula, some stations are closer to $3.00. Costco in Missoula is on the low side at $2.93. A few Exxon stations are at $2.96.”

The cheapest gas in the country right now is in Alabama at around $2.52 gallon, while the most expensive gas in the country can be found in California, where it is more than a full dollar per gallon more expensive.

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